Watercolors by Barbara Goodman

The development of Santa Barbara Daisies shows how the image emerges from layers of watercolor washes, creating texture and depth.

1 First, I paint a random base layer with staining pigments. The original underpainting creates texture and variety when it shows through the subsequent layers.

2 Next, I sketch the foreground shapes, trying to incorporate as much variety of color and texture in these shapes as I can.

3 Then, I paint the area around the foreground shapes with the color that will make up the middleground shapes.

4 The middleground shapes are lightly sketched in and painted around with the background color.

5 I continue to create layers that move back into space.

6 The final stage is to add details to the foreground and middleground shapes.

Process1 Process2 Process3

Step 1:

Step 2:
Foreground shapes

Step 3:
Middleground color

Process4 Process5 Process6

Step 4:
Middleground shapes

Step 5:
Background layer

Step 6:
Final details

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